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Just Some Random Poetic (Eh... maybe not poetic) Thoughts

I'm being dragged down though I thought I kicked the shadows off my ankles. They claw at them reminding me they're still there. But what's worse of all is her voice whispering things into my ears telling me that nothing is worth getting up, things won't get better than this. Then she wraps her arms around me with her cold grip and covers my eyes from the light I had finally found. From the light that shone through the wall that were finally breaking down. The walls I finally let him see into. I let break them down, but those shadows tried to build him back up. I grabbed onto his hand, but she grew jealous when I began to ignore her. Her grip became tighter, her icy fingers dug sharp nails into my chest keeping sure to have the other hand held tight over my eyes. Though her words pained me she offered me a bit of sweet relief in building the walls promising that no one could hurt me if those emotions stayed inside, if you give them up. Feeling nothing is better than something so I thought. But she was sucking my life away and in that moment I was no longer alive but a zombie wandering about, barely conscious in how not only I hurt myself but how this numbness hurt those around me watching this shell of myself walk around. As the first brick fell from the walls, something in me awoke though not fully. I suddenly felt the need to feel again thinking physical pain would awaken me again or at least give a signal to someone to help me from her. But she was angry and coaxed me to hide it though I tried to talk. When he saw me he only at first saw my shell. But as we spoke he looked through that brick to see that I was trapped in the walls. He tried to break them with all his mite but they were stronger than he thought only knocking out a few more bricks. He chisels now everyday slowly. I'm just sitting here inside here listening to her whispers. She's very spiteful this night after I tried to reach again, his hand so close. They pulled me back lashing at me, gagging me from saying more. She now strokes my teary face whispering, "Shh, only I know why you suffer. Don't bother reaching that hand out, you're not going to be able to grab it anyways. Stay here and I will be with you always I'll find the end to this all."

Does anyone even use the blog option anymore?

I really don't have much to say.. Just kind of a random post. Guess while you're reading this, if anyone does read this, ask how was your day.. Yeah that's it. Also since some of my past post seemed to actually get some views, ask again if anyone plays assassins creed online. Just curious..Now if you somehow are reading this still feel free to I don't know message me if for some odd reason you feel you need to..Dear god, why am I still typing..?

Assasins creed 3 yay

Tonight I shall play ac3. In fact I think I shall play now. Look for me on the playstation. I will probably be playing simple death match or one of the team matches. See u there.


I think i will play assasins creed revealtions mutiplayer tonight on the ps3. anyone want to join i probbablly will be play at 9:00 p.m est.

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