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Does anyone even use the blog option anymore?

I really don't have much to say.. Just kind of a random post. Guess while you're reading this, if anyone does read this, ask how was your day.. Yeah that's it. Also since some of my past post seemed to actually get some views, ask again if anyone plays assassins creed online. Just curious..Now if you somehow are reading this still feel free to I don't know message me if for some odd reason you feel you need to..Dear god, why am I still typing..?

Assasins creed 3 yay

Tonight I shall play ac3. In fact I think I shall play now. Look for me on the playstation. I will probably be playing simple death match or one of the team matches. See u there.


I think i will play assasins creed revealtions mutiplayer tonight on the ps3. anyone want to join i probbablly will be play at 9:00 p.m est.

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